Smithereens on the road: week 1 in B.C.

From April 1st. to the 30th. Smithereens will be located at the Sointula Art Shed ( run by Kerri Reid and Tyler Brett. I passed through Vancouver on the way here, and looked everywhere for broken glass, car-parts, or any sign of collisions. The city is so clean, that I found almost no debris. The cars drive very slowly, and nobody honks. The locals were giddy with joy over the sunny weather and heat-wave temperatures after enduring a soggy stretch. Here in Sointula I’ve found some excellent debris washed up on the beach, mostly broken bottles and rusted metal. My scavenging was accompanied by farts and groans, coming from the sea-lions on Haddington Island.  Everything is quite near perfect; I’m enjoying the Art Shed more than I can say. The smell of the air is rich with flowers, sweetgrass and salty water. I will be adding new images of Smithereens as the days pass. Anybody out there who needs a break from the world, time to think, a place to work, and a glorious view, this is the place.

Studio window through beach glass from Sointula, and broken auto glass from Toronto ~

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