Week 7

Week 7 was the last week of my residency at YYZ. A couple of old friends visited from out of town, and I made a new friend who came in at the last minute, and we got into a wonderful conversation. I’m pretty excited about the ideas coming out of the collaborative process. I’ve watched a whole lot of demolition derby videos. I dreamed that I was driving our old Escort and crashing it into things. The work I’ve done so far is a bit new and weird. I can’t tell yet whether I’ve accomplished any of the goals I started out with. But I’m humming with energy, and I’ve got a huge archive of drawings to work with, so life is pretty good right now. Thanks to Carlo, Lee, Jennifer, Ana and Allan for all your help and support. It’s been a fantastic experience working at YYZ.

0069B 888 Anon1 Anon2 Anon3 Anon4 Anon5 Anon6 Anon7 Anon8 Anon9 CircleCrash Mountains Overhead2 Overhead3 SUCK2 Weaver

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