Week 2

Week two was a bit more relaxed. I enjoyed some visits with friends, and several exotic strangers. A very enthusiastic woman came and took selfies with the projection on her skin, which looked like a cross between anime and prison tattoos. A nice man who works for Metrolinks gave the crashed bus a very close look, and then asked me some pointed questions. I tried to get my camera remote fixed and was surprised to find that the $20 tweak by a dodgy guy in the phone kiosk was ineffective. Got my hopes up, they were dashed. Anyone got a Canon WL-D88 I can borrow? The paste-ups worked better. The bitter wind and sub-zero temps meant I had to work fast. No paste in my hair, funny looks from the teenagers smoking weed.

Anon1 Anon2 Anon3 Anon4 Anon5 Anon7 Anon8 Anon9 IMG_2282 Jack Bride PasteUp Pasteup2 Zoe&Nancy Zoe1


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