ComingApartDetail 1.ComingApart 1.Sunk 1.Smithereens2 1.Smithereens 1.HeadOn2Layers 1.Deflated 1.Crushed 1.CrashedPrint 1.BurnedOutPrint 1.BombedLeaking 1.Bloody 1.AboveAndBelow

Lisa Neighbour


YYreZdency at YYZ Artists’ Outlet

140-401 Richmond St. West,Toronto, Ontario, M5V 3A8

March 21st  ~ May 2nd 2015

“Smithereens” is an on-going series of screen prints and drawings about what’s left after catastrophic events have passed. I’m a cyclist and a runner, and I notice the shards of glass and car-parts that are scattered everywhere in the city of Toronto. These objects are evidence of the frequent collisions, explosions, fires and breakdowns that afflict the vehicles we rely on to take us from place to place. I collect the pieces, draw them, and then make prints about the damaged vehicles and their scattered parts.

At YYZ, I am constructing a “drawing generator” consisting of a 4×8 white-board platform, a selection of found car-parts, and a supply of black dry-erase markers. The public will be invited to use the car-parts and markers to create drawings that I will document and erase each day. The surface of the platform will be projected on the gallery wall, and then photographed. During and after the residency I will make the resulting imagery into screen prints and drawings.

My goal is to develop a visual language that can examine traumatic experience in a way that I (and other people as well) will understand and perhaps benefit from. This process involves becoming conscious of, accepting, and then being at peace with the traumatic events that are part of human experience.

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