Week 1


Week 1 the drawing table was set up at YYZ, thanks to Carlo, Lee, Ana and Allan. There were a couple of days working out the logistics, and then a whole lot of drawings were made by visitors to the gallery. I tried and failed to paste-up a very large thing in the alleyway, and then went to order take-out while covered in wheat paste. My hair, face, coat etc, looked like full-on crazy lady, but the guy at the cash didn’t even flinch.  I will hold up and wait for calmer weather. So far, the drawing table is quite communal and conversational. I’m getting over feeling shy and dorky. Next week, more t-shirts, paste-ups, better music, and cookies.

. No16W1No15W1 No17W1 No14W1 No13W1 No10W1 No8W1 Paste-up2No3W1No4W1No2W1 No6W1 No11W1 No9W1 No7W1


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